Flyers – Brochures – Booklets :- What To Choose ?
Flyers - Brochures - Booklets :- What To Choose ?
20Sep 2018

Flyers – Brochures – Booklets :- What To Choose ?

Quite literally many of our customers, tend to get confused between different usages of flyers, leaflets, handbills, brochures, pamphlets, and booklets. Although all of these are roughly similar-looking documents, they are designed and used for different applications. If you too are struggling when to use what, go through this helpful article to gain a better grasp of what they are and their different uses.


Flyers, which are also widely known as leaflets or handbills are single sheets of printed promotional materials. These are basically used to get your message across a wide variety of foot audience. This type of marketing piece is known as ‘throwaway marketing’, primarily because they are a cheap way of getting out info for a limited time before being tossed away.

Relatively smaller sized flyers are commonly regarded as handouts. These are meant to reach a targeted group of localised people. Flyers are mostly printed on economical low-quality paper and used to promote shop, night club openings, or promotional events. If you are going to hang up or post your flyers, you need to only print on one side. Alternately, if you are going to be distributing your flyers, you can choose to print on both sides.


  • Creating buzz and getting people excited for specific events
  • Advertising restaurants, clubs, bars, store openings, etc.
  • Handing out fact sheets at an expo, trade show, or conference
  • Inserting them in magazines and newspapers
  • Other general localised advertisements


The brochure is a single sheet of printed paper creased or folded once to create four panels or twice to create six panels. These are ideally more sophisticated than flyers and therefore expensive to produce. Creating quality brochures call for slightly more technical expertise as content/design placement and alignments of folds need accuracy.

Brochures are the complete opposite of flyers in the throwaway category; they are produced specially to be retained and referred to again and again. They are mostly printed on crisper paper stock for lasting durability. Millions of brochures are produced by businesses each year to generate awareness about their products, services, and brand identity. Pamphlets or brochures can be found stacked inside racks at banks, doctors’ offices and cash registers or various establishments for circulation of info.


  • Following up after an initial sales contact
  • Conveying more-detailed information to prospective clients


This is the most complicated of them all! Booklets or catalogues are always multi-pager and usually bound with staples, saddle-stitching, wire-o, or something of the sort. Various bindery options make them extra durable and therefore a preferred choice of most businesses and institutes to promote their products and services.

These are complex and relatively costly to produce compared to both flyers and brochures; as alignment and proofing take up increased effort and time. Booklets offer the advantage of advertising more detailed information as there is plenty space available to publish it.


  • Company product and service catalogues
  • Product and spec manuals
  • Quick reference materials
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